Being A Girl Is So Hard Sometimes

Verse 1:]
So it’s like 19 years hah
A growing-up lady, try to walk her feet on the way of life
I got the love and life yea you’re feelin me
I know time flies by and im being me so
So tell me how
Tell me how to see it
Tell me how
Tell me how to live with it
And i know how it’s like to be a girl trying everyday when everytime i walk out the door
Though time
Goes by
And everything’s alright
Momma dont cry
Your girls gon make things right
I know sometimes it’s so hard to breath
But cross the fingers ma I know it’s time to leave.
[Phuong Vy:]
I’m goin up
I’m goin down
I’m goin with my feet on the ground
I’m goin up
I’m goin down
I’m goin with my name through the crowd.


[Verse 2:]
Dear god what’s goin on
my daddy’s breakfast just in my song
but it is what it is
if it’s not, its not life
Be a big girl put it all aside
Cuz there’s no where to hide there’s a price to pay
I live today and i know i have to stay
Stay in tune, stand up on my shank
Big path to go with a long way ahead i put my fist on my heart
Walkin by the July walkin through the nights
Try to firgure out with a hundred of sides
Shit happened .huh. i aint even wanna tell
Parents’ broken heart thoes days just like hell
I woke up and cry, i was so afraid to talk about
how we goin out no idea with the house
Just look up in the sky pray for a shine
And there was like, all the bleed i cried.


[Verse 3:]
I aint have to be misery
Tell me dont you see im here making history
Many people think they want so many things,
but they don’t really have the strength, the discipline
Wont you give up
Dont hesitate to sing
And now im back with Phuong Vy on the track
The spot is yours
We’re the children of this generation all the thing we do we got the world in our palms
aint it so nice
To be real like this
and aint it so tight
i might hold it back again
Aint it so right
Okay now put hands together
Sister tell me that we breath together
[PV:] And i know
We can stand up and healing
[PV:] Girl i know
We are proud of who we are
[PV:] Yes i know
We’re stronger than we know
For everything deserved and the love we show.