I Know (Tôi biết) là một ca khúc mới nhất đánh dấu sự kết hợp thú vị của hai nữ rapper nổi tiếng đến từ hai miền Bắc Nam, Kim và Suboi.

Yea, hey
You know it’s Suboi and Kim on the same track baby
Yea, you know what we gonna say to you boy
Yo, Now lets go V

Boy, chill, no deal
How could you try to compare like its real
Because I never play, I never say that i can be your lady
Never say i will
Don’t feel bad about it, you see
You and me we’ve been hanging around like Tom n Jerry
Laugh a lot of laughs
Smile a lot of smiles
Fight a lot of fights
I even cried a lot of tears (so, so)
So whats happening here?
Telling me you wanna hear i say i want you as my man
I said yea you’re my guy, but i cant lie
Im sorry but i can’t let you step into my life you know
I got a man and he’s so fine
We’ve been friends together like “homies” back then
And then a lot of things seperated us, yes
A lot of rumours misunderstanded us
Now we’re here.

And I know
We could never be the same again
But you aint got nothing like my man
And you just cant understand
(Dont think the same way again)
And i know ….

(Verse2: Kim)
I could be, the very first girl
That rocks your world
And you are somewhere in my heart
You know we should not be apart
But I gatta make this clear, you know i
I never wanna come across the line no
Telling you one thing that we should think of this
Friends could be forever
(understand) Love could stop whenever
So lets sit down together, chill together
We’ll be the best like this im telling ya


Its over so naturally
Cuz i aint the one the one you want me to be
(So boy do you remember …
I told you about love and surrender …)
Now, everybody say lets go back, back
You and me, baby we are goin back, back
We will be the best if we go back, back
We go back, back
Go back, back

(Hook x2)

We’ll be ok If you just do my way
We’ll be ok If you just do my way
And when you do it my way, you know
We’re gonna be Ok …